X-POLE, Leaders in Pole and Aerial Fitness.

In an interview for Polegood, Kash Suntharamoorthy, Global Marketing Director at X-POLE  tells us how the brand’s beginnings were and how he observes the evolution of the Pole’s discipline.

X-POLE, leaders in Pole and Aerial Fitness.


Would you tell us how your relationship with the Pole, began?

X Pole was the first company in the world to promote pole dancing as a fitness and sport form. The Company´s founder, Clive Coote, over 15 years ago, identified that women (and men) wanted to easily train at home, toning and building the strength of their bodies through pole fitness. As an engineer, he decided to design a pole, that can be removed and installed in your home, without the need for any screws or fittings. X-POLE was born.

Since when is in the field of discipline of Pole?

Since early 2003.

What kind of products and services do you offer?

X-POLE provides the most secure and trusted dance poles, aerial equipment, pole and aerial training and qualifications and we sponsor and partner with competitions and pole camps all across the world.

How have you seen the evolution of the discipline in USA?

The discipline has evolved in many ways. From providing a new fitness form to exotic disciplines, pole dance continues to grow and adding several new genres and style that cater to all types of users.

What projections do you see for the future in the medium term?

Bigger growth and acceptance- Olympic accreditation- Being recognized by big sporting brands.


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Thank you for helping us in spreading the discipline of Pole.

Vanesa S. Zylinski – POLEGOOD Magazine