Russian Excellence… Anastasia Skukhtorova.

-“Never give up. Always believe in yourself.”-

In an ideal atmosphere, where music and body merge, subtle and delicate movements ignite the magic of a performance of excellence. From Russia, a very special interviewee … ANASTASIA SKUKHTOROVA.

Anastasia, what motivated you to approach the Pole Dance?

I always wanted to be a dancer. I love music. Love expressing feelings thru dance. I love that Pole challenges me. There is always something to learn.

 How is your life outside of sport?

I live with my boyfriend in Copenhagen.

Meeting with my friends there, train on the pole together. Taking different workshops and dance classes.

Learning how to do make up. This is my new obsession now. I LOVE make up. And want to keep learning more and more.

 What were the best moments of your artistic career? 

Winning World Pole Cup and being 2d runner up in original Pole Art was amazing. And my dream. So I’m very happy it happened in my life.

Performing in one of the biggest circus in the world on the pole – Le Noir. Was incredible experience too.

Also working in first ever cirque/theater in Russia – Leningrad center in Saint Petersburg as soloist on the pole top was amazing!

Any phrase identify you?

 Never give up. Always believe in yourself.

According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

It makes women or men confident, makes you love your body, be proud of it. You become fit, sexy, strong, flexible, healthy. So many good things about Pole.

How do you perceive the development of the Pole discipline in Denmark?

I performed recently in Danmark Har Talent and became a runner up. I wanted to show Denmark that Pole can be an art, Theater, story. And I think I did it.

 With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

Gym, ballet, contemporary dance, aerial silks and hoop. Climbing is great too! Bouldering.

A message that you want to leave us?

Now a lot of people forget why they started pole dance. With Instagram it became like a race of who did the best and the newest trick.

So I think it is important to remember why you started. And do it for you. Not for other people.

Enjoy each class, each training. Listen to your body. Be careful with injuries. Work out in gym or with elastic band as it will help preventing injuries on the pole.

Don’t be too critical to yourself. Be proud of what you achieved.

Awards, mention them:

Winner of World Pole Cup 2012/2013, 

2d runner up in original Pole Art 2012. 

2d runner up in World Pole Cup 2011.

The most photogenic pole dancer 2014.



Full Name: Anastasia Skukhtorova

Where were you born?: Moscow

 Birthdate? 06th of April 1990

Where do you live?: I live with my boyfriend in Copenhagen.

Zodiac sign?: Aries

Music you prefer ?: pop and classical. Love Jason Mraz.





CREDIT PHOTOS: Malena Altamirano, School of Pole.

Thank you very much Anastasia, for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

 Vanesa S. Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine