TJAŠA SKUBIC and her passion for the Pole.

She tells how she approached the Pole. She assures that before she realized it, she was already in love with discipline. From Slovenia, in an interview for Polegood, TJAŠA SKUBIC.


Would you tell us how you got to Pole Dance?

It all started 5 years ago when I moved next to a pole studio and at the time I haven’t been doing any other sports so it was a really nice opportunity for me to take a class there. And before I knew it I was utterly in love with this beautiful form of art.

How is your life outside of sport?

I’m a student at Faculty of sports where I’m studying kinesiology. In my spare time I teach pole dance at a local studio, and I never miss an opportunity to hang out with my friends, boyfriend and family.

Within your career as an athlete of the Pole, what moments would you highlight?

The most important moment was when I became a pole instructor because this had been my dream since I started. I’d also need to highlight my experience with competing, because it had a big impact on me as a dancer and performer. Just the other day another amazing thing happened, Indi Pole app has contacted me about becoming one of their instructors on their platform. I’m beyond thrilled about collaborating with them.

Any phrase identify you?

Please, keep looking. Not for a person, but for your passion, your love, your courage, your goals, your dreams, your happiness, yourself. Keep looking. Explore yourself before you explore another. Know your worth, know yourself. Only then will you know what you need over what you want. You need yourself to become your own.

This is something that really inspires me and I always try to follow it.

According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

I’d say the most important thing would be the confidence that you gain with pole dance. All the pole dancers I know started loving their bodies more and accepting themselves as a whole after they had started taking pole classes. But of course,

there are also physical benefits like becoming stronger and more flexible which not only make you a better pole dancer but also make you feel healthier and more powerful.

With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

I go to twerk classes every once in a while and do some yoga to get more flexible and to relax during exam periods or other stressful times.

Why would you advise doing Pole Dance?

I would advise pole dance to everyone who wants to gain muscle, become more flexible and boost their confidence overall. There’s also another thing about pole dance that isn’t mentioned often enough in my opinion. While learning new pole tricks, you’re constantly achieving new goals. I think having goals is super important because they keep you motivated and help you realize how much you’ve progressed.

A message that you want to leave us?

Always believe in yourself and never stop doing something you’re passionate about.


 Full Name: Tjaša Skubic

 Birthdate? 4.5.1997

 Where were you born?: In Ljubljana, Slovenia

Where do you live?: In Ljubljana, Slovenia

 Zodiac sign?: Taurus

 Music you prefer ?: Pop, rock, R’N’B

 Awards, mention them:

3rd Place Pole Freak Championship Amateur Category – 2016.


Thank you very much Tjaša Skubic, for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine

MISS FILLY… Feelings, gratitude, happiness and excitement for the Pole.

The tricks enshrine with a subtle energy, each figure seems to float in an atmosphere without gravity, and at the limit of balance, her body draws that flight that unleashes admiration. Today Polegood interviews Miss Filly.


What motivated you to approach the Pole Dance?

My sister wanted to start Pole Dancing and as she is 7 years older than me, I copied everything she did. I went along with her we were addicted from the very first class.

How is your life outside of sport?

I work many different jobs within the one industry – I am a competitive pole dancer myself, I work full time as an instructor at Pole Divas as well as a specialized competition coach. I am also Director of Training for Pole Divas and train up the new instructors and write class syllabus. It keeps me busy! I love to go away for weekends in the country when I can, and when, I tour I like to see as much of the country as I can.

Within your career as an athlete of the Pole, what moments would you highlight?

Winning Miss Pole Dance Australia for the 2nd time was a highlight! It was a long journey to the stage with all kinds of challenges but it all came together in the end. The process taught me a lot!

Any phrase identify you?

“Balls deep”. It´s a motto my friends and I have that means “going all in”. You have to be passion. When you want something enough – go balls deep in it!

According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

Pole Dance teaches you a lot about how you deal with fear, with the unknown and with stress. You can find the most amazing strength within you in pole classes or walking out onto a competition stage- strength that you might not have known you ever had! It teaches you how to listen to your body and trust in what your body can do and that is a very powerful thing.

How do you perceive the development of the Pole discipline in Australia?

Australian pole has come a long way! We are inventive, creative and have a great standard of competition nation wide. As more disciplines influence our craft the more varied the styles become and we are very accepting of both exotic styles and contemporary styles – as well as everything in between! It´s a great place to be ?

With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

I pole dance both barefoot and with heels as I find both techniques very different – I will alternate training just floor work with pole combo training as both load my body in different ways. I stretch outside of pole as well as body weight conditioning at my partners boxing gym.

What does the Pole mean to you as an artistic expression?

Pole is cathartic – the best way to vent your feels, to show gratitude, happiness and excitement, and to fall in love with your own sexual energy and creative powers. The shows you can create can be for you or for your audience and both are validate by a supportive audience and community.

A message that you want to leave us?

Regardless of skill or studio, we should lift each other up, support the different and unique styles each of us bring to pole and celebrate our achievements as a community. #unitedbypole.

Awards, mention them:

Pole Championship Series (Arnold Classic) – WINNER 2018

Australian Pole Championship – WINNER 2017

Victorian Pole Championships – WINNER 2017

Pole Championship Series (Arnold Classic)- Women´s 2nd Place 2017

Australian Pole Championship- 2nd Place 2016

Miss Pole Dance Australia SOLO WINNER 2017

Paragon- International Pole Dance Competition WINNER 2015.

Australian Pole Championship – 3rd Place 2015

Victorian Pole Championships – 3rd Place 2015

Miss Pole Dance Australia SOLO WINNER 2015

Miss Pole Dance Australia Doubles WINNER 2014

Miss Pole Dance Victoria Solo WINNER 2014.



  • Full Name: PHILIPPA RASIDI. @missfillypolediva
  • Birthdate? 7th June 1987
  • Where were you born?: Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.
  • Where do you live?: Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.
  • Zodiac sign?: Gemini.
  • Music you prefer ?: Soul / Funk / Rock.





Thank you very much Miss Filly  for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski – POLEGOOD Magazine




Polegood presents Anastacia Timoshenko, sensual and talented, tells us part of her story, how she approached Pole Dance, her triumphs and the important moments of her artistic career. A story to discover. We invite you to meet her.

Anastacia, would you tell us how you got to Pole Dance?

It’s a strange story. It was almost the end of my University life. I had already worked like hell for about a year in the office and did not have a lot of free time and energy for myself in everyday life. My dear friend Helen looked at me and told «Stop behave like you’re on retirement. Your life looks so boring. Add new colors in it. Try pole dance, for example». I said “yes” and forgot about it.

Some time after she went to a free tango class. It was so boring for her and being frustrated after the class on her way to the metro, she found pole dance studio. It was a momentous moment. Immediately she tried 1st pole dance class and have bought her 1st (and the last, as I can see) monthly pass. She came to me in the evening and shared her impressions. Then I’ve bought a monthly pass at the same studio (it was @elena_marso_school). Since that, I changed several studios, tried different pole dance directions, had some breakes in pole dance for 0,5-1 year, but that story I still remember.

How is your life outside of sport?

I am a Tax Manager in a huge holding company with assets all over the world (USA, Europe and Russia). As my hobby, I also sing and play the guitar when I have free time.

Within your career as an athlete of the Pole, what moments would you highlight?

  1. 1st pole dance class – I still remember those uncomfortable feelings/elements/1st trainer as it was yesterday.
  2. 1st pole at home – the best purchase ever, “must have” for every pole dancer. Now I got 2 x-poles.
  3. 1st split – it was October, I was in vacation. For a long time I tried to reach my split goal and finally did it. After that step I thought that everything is possible. And I am not just amateur in sport. I am serious. I am more than an office worker – I’m a worker who can do split )))
  1. 1st pole dance camp – #MyPoleCamp (www.instagram/PoleDanceCamp). Only pole dance, you and nature – nothing more. We had very intensive classes with the best pole dancers from Russia and Europe. It is a great practice and wide experience. We were far from home, from everyday routine. I really recommend to everyone to dive into such adventure and let yourself to open your new sides and wake your inner demons.
  2. 1st deep hurt feelings – Negative moments also make us grow. I had a cold. And somebody was laughing at me while I could not get into pole element. After that, I was crying like a baby for a half of the night. I wanted to go away, never come back to pole classes ever. Then I breathe in. Breathe out. And told myself that I do not care what other people say.
  3. 1st performance – really huge step out of a comfort zone.
  4. 1st participation in commercial sport project – when you see the other side of the sport, you have chance to imagine the whole picture of this sphere. It was not especially pole dance project, but in close relation with sport. Really good experience.
  5. 1st championship – you are entering the next level. You try yourself again, mobilize your resources and share with the world a piece of you, the best you can do at the moment of preparation for the champ.

According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

There are many benefits. Nevertheless, if to tell about the one – it is self-confidence. You start appreciate yourself and open yourself like a flower.

How do you see the development of the discipline of Pole, in Russia?

As many of us know, the pole sport is coming closer to classic sport disciplines and I think this direction has a serious future, equal to other type of sport.

About other pole directions (pole exotic, pole art, etc.) – I think, it will be deeper and deeper integrated into our live as part of performance as aerial acrobatics and dance. Already now, we may see aerial acrobatics performances as a part of huge important events on TV, etc.

Who knows, may be something even more creative will happened in the pole dance sphere.

These trends are relevant for Russia as well as worldwide, I think.

With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

Dance classes without pole, classical stretching and sometimes I may add some circuit trainings. All the above is to improve my pole dance skills. It helps me to opens new horizons in learning new elements and add more beautiful lines during the dance. Recently I opened for myself frame up and strip dance – I really like it and try to add it to my dance on the pole.

A message that you want to leave us?

I would like to tell to beginners in pole dance:

  1. 1st steps – the hardest. Step by step it will be easier.
  2. If you started – never stop. When you come back – you’ll always will think that you’d better don’t stop.
  3. Fix your results from the beginning. After some time you will look back and see how amazingly you have grown. It will provide you a more energy in trainings and also serve as a good example for others who don’t believe in themselves.




Name: Anastacia Timoshenko   @anastaciavictorovna

Where were you born: Russia, Tyumen region, Rainbow town.

Birthdate: 01.06.1991.

Where do you live: Moscow.

Zodiac sign: Gemini.

Thank you Anastacia, for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- Polegood Magazine.


JASMINE SCHEFFEL. A talent that looms.

“Pole builds confidence and changes your perception on the rest of your life”…These are the words of Jasmine, a talented geminian from the United States who spends much of her time teaching, training and concentrating for her next competitions … JASMINE SCHEFFEL, talent and enthusiasm. POLEGOOD invites you to meet her.

Jasmine, what motivated you to approach the Pole Dance?

I was friends with an instructor when I was stationed in Charleston, SC. I took her class and was very sore the next day. I kept going just for fun once or twice a week and after a few months I started to notice my body getting toned which never happened before even though I was a college athlete and always dieting. I was more confident, so I continued for 1.5 years and she left the studio. I quit shortly after her and bought my own pole. I moved to WV to go to school and started using youtube to self train. Once I saw competition videos on youtube, I was hooked.

How is your life outside of sport?

Its almost nonexistent right now. I have another competition in a month and I own a studio, so I teach when I am not training. I am a single mom and spend the rest of my time taking care of my son.

Within your career as an athlete of the Pole, what moments would you highlight?

I love achieving goals. The day I got the rainbow marchenko, the time I nailed the fonji 360, and of course all the competitions. I’ve never done as well as planned but its amazing meeting the other competitors and being a part of such an awesome community. My favorite moments though, are alone in the studio after practicing and struggling and screaming then finally mastering whatever I was trying.

What do you inspire to prepare your choreography?

I turn the song on loud and play it over and over again. I close my eyes and envision choreography in my head. I also watch different styles of dance on youtube to help inspire. The inspiration comes from what the piece is about and the story I want to tell through dance.

According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

Physically, you feel like Spider – Man. Mentally, it benefits every part of your life. Pole builds confidence and changes your perception on the rest of your life. Suddenly nothing is impossible, and you accept and love yourself. The pole community is the best part. Everyone is so open, accepting, and unique. No one is afraid to be themselves and I love being a part of it.

How do you see the development of the discipline of Pole, in United States?

Within the next decade, it will become popular and be an Olympic sport. Well see more children and males involved and I cant wait.

With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

I do gymnastics when I can and yoga. I run and stretch all the time. I practice all sorts of dance styles and I recently took up kung fu for the mental benefits. I really want to start calisthenics.

What would you say to all those people who do not yet know the discipline of the Pole?

Have an open mind, give it a try, and please don’t associate any negativity with pole.

A message that you want to leave us?

Die fast, Pole hard.  haha Dimitry Politov said that before and he is my favorite.



Full Name: Jasmine Scheffel

Where were you born?: Oakland, MD

Birthdate: August 20, 1987

Where do you live?: Morgantown, WV

Zodiac sign?: Leo

Awards, mention them:

APL 2018 National Champion


Thank you Jasmine, for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- Polegood Magazine.


AURELIE MARLEENE. Beauty and style.

She displays sensual movements while the audience applauds admiring her figures.

Beauty and style; the combination that characterizes her. From Australia, POLEGOOD presents Aurelie Marleene.

Aurelie, would you tell us how you got to Pole Dance?

I started pole dancing in July 2014 because I was tired of going to the gym. I had always been looking for something fun and challenging that would keep me fit. One day I saw a pole dancer at a strip club. She performed a drop from the top of the pole and stopped right at the base of the pole. It was so unexpected, I was amazed. A couple of weeks after that, I went to my very first beginner pole class without knowing anything about it. I could not do the splits and was scared to lift myself upside down, but I was so hooked right from the start that I never stopped training since that day!

 How is your life outside of sport?

I am a graphic designer with a passion for Typography. It makes my life quite busy but balanced: designing by day and dancing by night.

Within your career as an athlete of the Pole, what moments would you highlight?

My biggest highlight was definitely being invited to compete at Miss Pole Dance Australia after winning the Queensland state heats in 2016. I had only been pole dancing for two years and I was up against my biggest pole idols. I was terrified, but it felt like a dream. That is when my love for performing on stage was born!

Any phrase identifies you?

Never stop learning.

According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

There are so many benefits, but for me I would say it was finding something that would motivate me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am so in love with what I do that I do not need to force myself to eat healthy or get a lot of sleep. It comes naturally. I used to struggle a lot with my nutrition.

 With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

I am already quite strong, so I do not do any strength activity outside of pole. But it takes a lot of effort to maintain my flexibility. This is why a practice contortion and stretching for about an hour during each pole session.

What would you say to all those people who do not yet know the discipline of the Pole?

To anyone one that does not know what pole dancing is, I would say that is not what it used to be. It is a sport that is evolving so quickly and is so versatile that you cannot give it just one definition. I strongly recommend giving it a try if you are thinking of starting. Chances are you will become addicted and you will find your own style that suits you.

A message that you want to leave us?

Do what you love and do it with passion.

Awards, mention them:

Miss Pole Dance Australia 2016/17 and 2017/18 – Finalist

Miss Pole Dance Queensland 2017/18 – 1st Runner Up

Miss Pole Dance Queensland 2016/17 – Winner


* Full Name: Aurelie Marleene

* Birthdate? 08/07/89

* Where were you born? I was born in New Caledonia, a small island in the Pacific.

* Where do you live? I live on the Gold Coast, in Australia.

* Zodiac sign? Cancer

* Music you prefer? I can listen to any style of music if I think it is good!



Thank you very much Aurelie, for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine




COCO KE HONG. The Best From China.

The Pole has become a global discipline and this invites us to explore different scenarios and discover new athletes. Today POLEGOOD has the pleasure of presenting an exceptional artist who in a short time has become one of the stars of the Pole discipline. From the thousand-year-old China, with us, in an exclusive interview, COCO KE HONG.


Coco, what motivated you to approach the Pole Dance?

The first time that I approach the pole dance was in 2012. I didn’t have any foundation about dance. I worked as a waiter in a bar. I saw some pole dance show there which interested me. I also heard that pole dance is highly paid. So I found a school to learn pole dance.

How is your life outside of sport?

Shopping, listening music, swimming

What were the best moments of your artistic career?

During 2015-2016, when pole dancing was not well developed in china, I won  worldwide pole dance championship in Asia and Europe.

Any phrase identify you?

No pain no gain. It’s never too late to learn.

According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

Loose weight, body sculpt, enhance self confidence, physical power

How do you perceive the development of the Pole discipline in China?

I think that the pole discipline will be getting better and better in china. It will be accepted by more and more people. When people talk about pole dance, they will think of pole competition, not night club dance.

With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

Fitness club, gymnastics, satin dance, flying rings, but I practice by myself

What does the Pole mean to you as an artistic expression?

I think that pole dance is like my underwear. I need to have it with me everyday. I cannot live without it.

A message that you want to leave us?

Firstly, thank you very much to choose me for interview. I hope that more people know me via your platform and become the next worldwide pole dance champion.



Where were you born?  Guizhou China

Birthdate 1993.06.08

Where do you live? Shanghai

Zodiac  Rooster

Music you prefer? Exotic music, piano music, soft music, rock electro music


Ke Hong Coco is a very talented and hardworking dancer. He hasn’t any dancer background. He’s been in touch with pole  dance for 5 years. He became champion during his third year of practicing pole dance. And he became the worldwide champion in 2016.amazing IPSAF pole sport world champion 2017. He created many of his own signature tricks. And his combos are quite different than others dancers with more control.

Chinese National Pole Dance Team Captain

Yuan Gan Cultural Pole Dance Team National Spokesperson

Xpert Certified Instructors

China Pole Dance Team Best Record Holder

Famous as the Most Beautiful Male Pole Dancer

2018 World Pole Dance Championships Man’s Champion 

2018 APC Singapore Champion 

2017 Russia Pole Star Guest Performance 

2017 (POSA )IPSAF Liechtenstein Pole Sport Pole Championships Champion Man’s

2017 Pole Star Russia Novosibirsk Judge 

2017 China Pole Dance Championships Judge

2017 China PCS (Pole Championship Series ) Judge 

2017 Pole Art France 3rd Place

2017 APC (Singapore Asia Pole championship 2nd Runner up) 

2016 World Pole Dance Championships Man’s Champion Romania

2016 World Pole Dance Championships (WPDC) Men’s Single champion

2016 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) Men’s Single Championship 

2016 Airstars Pole Men’s Champion, Overall Champion

2015 Singapore ~SG Pole Challenge Men’s Champion, Overall Fit Champion

2015 Hongkong Airstars Men’s Champion, Overall Champion, Best costume

2015 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) Men’s Single Champion

2015 World Pole Dance Championships (WPDC) Men’s Single Second Runner-up

2014 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) Men’s single Second Runner-up



Thank you very much Coco, for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine

The magic of Makeda Smith

The rhythmic music seizes each of  her fibers … the magic transforms the atmosphere … her shapely hips initiated the ritual that her long legs took care of accompanying … every movement distilled an incited sensuality … the dance is hypnotic and each trick is a flight towards freedom, towards that personal destiny that she has as her engine, the passion to continue discovering that there is more to give …


How did your relationship with the Pole begin?

I started my pole journey at the age of 50. I am 57 now. My life was pretty down in the dumps at the time and I was hoping to find a physical exercise that would keep me from feeling so depressed. I took one pole class out of curiosity – and was hooked forever ! Taking classes kept me motivated and inspired. The workouts were very challenging, and sometimes frustrating – but I was up for it. Every time I conquered a pole move – I felt amazing !

Since when do you practice it?

I practice pole and the aerial arts every chance I get. I am usually in the studio every other day. I have been studying pole art for almost 8 years now.

What do you try to transmit with your performances?

When I perform, my ‘dancer self’ takes over. Her name is ‘sheBA’ – she is an ancient temple priestess and her dance is spiritual and sacred. sheBa is my inner goddess.

What challenges does it represent for you, to do pole dance?

As an older dancer I am sometimes challenged because of my age. I was actually cyber bullied for being a ‘granny’ pole dancer. A video of me went viral and thousands of people ridiculed me online. I now use the hashtags #grannyonapole and #grannyandherpole with much pride ! Also, per training, I move slower than the younger students in class and sometimes it takes me longer to master the pole tricks. There are also pole tricks that I cannot do because of flexibility.

When preparing a choreography, what aspects do you consider?

When I prepare choreography, I think about how I want my audience to feel. I also think about conveying the feeling and message of the song I am performing as well. I consider the music and song to be art and I become a visual and moving representation of that art.

What sensations does being on a stage generate?

My very first performance I was so nervous I could not sleep – but once I got on stage, sheBA took over and everything was fine! I don’t get as nervous now, just a few jitters before going on stage. Once I am on stage though, after a few moments – sheBa takes over and the dance movement becomes my only focus.

Why would you recommend pole dance to women your age?

Pole dancing is a gateway to uncovering your inner goddess. With women my age however, 50 and over, I usually recommend exotic flow movement classes first – so that they can become comfortable with their bodies again. I have found that a lot of older women are intimidated being in pole classes with younger women. The idea of the pole and high heel shoes also makes many of them nervous. I teach my FlyingOver50 Flow Movement classes to older women and I find that for many of them, something as simple as rotating your hips can be

daunting yet very liberating! As we get older we stop moving our bodies and often lose our sensuality. Hip movement is the beginning of reawakening that sensuality. I have had several students move on to beginner pole after taking flow movement lessons with me. The flow movement opened them up to their goddess selves and they are then ready to explore pole !

What inspiring message could you leave?

My message is for all women, but particularly older women. It is that ‘sexy never gets old!’ You can reawaken the sleeping goddess within you – start by shaking your hips – you don’t need a pole to revive the magic. The magic starts with you – move your bodies – never stop dancing ! And when you are ready – the pole will take you ‘high her ! ‘

Note: I would like to graciously thank Vanesa S. Zylinski and Polegood Magazine for interviewing FlyingOver50 and for inspiring pole dancers around the world.

I would also like to thank MercVille Productions and Flying Curves Dance Studio, the team behind my “Goddesses In Motion: Pop Up Pole Video” – and Christina Villegas, the director and dance teacher/performer who directed the video shoot !



Full Name: Makeda Smith ( stage name: sheBA )

Birthdate: 1/6/1961

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Place of birth: Los Angeles, raised in Chicago

Place of residence: Los Angeles

Music you prefer: mellow music like neo soul and smooth r&b and also jazz

Hobby: pole dancing, aerial hammock, lyra, walking, meditating and golf

Social Media Links:



Facebook at: FlyingOver50

Instagram: @FlyingOver50

Twitter: @flyingover50

Youtube: FlyingOver50


Thank you very much Makeda for letting us know part of your beautiful story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine

Pole Dance do Brasil : Paula Quintino

Ela treina para voltar ao palco … para mostrar sua arte, sua paixão. Mãe de dois filhos, nos ensina que tudo é possível, com trabalho e esforço. Nossa entrevista hoje, Paula Quintino, do Brasil.

Paula, você nos contaria como chegou ao Pole?

Vi uma amiga fazendo nas redes socias uma manobra e achei muito diferente mais pensei que era so uma dança sensual quando vi que era muito alem disso me apaixonei entao nao consegui nuncamais parar.

Como está sua vida fora do esporte?

Bom alem do pole dance trabalha numa lavanderia que uma empresa familiar , sou casada , tenho dois filhos um menino de 9 anos e uma menina 1ano e 6 meses que esta sendo muito mais dificil voltar a todo vapor nas minhas atividades pois nao imagine que seria tao dificil ter dois filhos e conciliar tudo .

Você poderia nos contar os melhores momentos de sua carreira na disciplina de pole?

Um dois meus melhores momentos foi quando fui para Londres competir IPFS World Pole Sports 2013 fiquei entre as finalista mais nao consegui premiação mais foi um dois meus melhores momentos.

Quais são suas aspirações futuras?

Entao estou voltando a treinar firme forta pois pretendo competir aqui no Brasil novamente.

Quais benefícios você acha que o Pole Dance traz para sua vida?

Alem da auto estima la em cima , o pole dance desafia gente entao por isso que tao amado por todos que faz.

De sua experiência, você acha que é necessário combinar o pole com outra atividade esportiva?

O Pole dance um exercicio bem completo , mais pode ser acompanhado por aulas de flexibilidade e algum exercio de cardio eu faço tambem Bunguee Fitness

Prêmios? mencioná-los.

Miss Pole Dance Glamur Internacional 2012 Campeão da Categoria Profissional

Miss Pole Dance Brasil 2012 – 3º Lugar

Finalista do Sulamericano 2012 Miss Pole Dance Argentina

ARNOLD POLE PANAMERICAN CLASSIC 2013 (1º Lugar Profissional – Etapa Nacional)

IPFS World Pole Sports 2013 London Preliminary

III Pole World Cup – Brazilian Professional WINNER 2014



Primeiro e Último Nome: Paula Quintino

Música que você prefere? Pop

Signo do zodíaco: Gemios

Data de Nascimento? 30/05/1986

Onde você nasceu? Em Sao Paulo

Onde você mora? Sao Paulo Brasil





Obrigado Paula por nos permitir entrar por alguns momentos, uma parte da sua história…

Vanesa Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine

When the style comes from Latvia … ALYONA AMBER.

Beauty and style…

From Latvia, Alyona Amber tells us how she got to Pole Dance, and what this discipline means to her. Champion in different Exotic championships, invites us to know more, in an exclusive interview!

 Amber, would you tell us how you got to Pole Dance?

I danced for many years and once agreed to a contract in a circus like show-dancer. Acrobats in the circus inspired me to try pole dance.

 How is your life outside of sport?

My whole life is a dance. At the moment I’m working on two works related to dancing. The rest of the time I sleep and eat. The situation is saved by travel. Traveling helps me relax and find inspiration.

Within your career as an athlete of the Pole, what moments would you highlight?

Two of the brightest moments:

My first performance at the competitions. I performed with the number of the snake at Pole Emotion competitions in Latvia and worried until competition day about 3 months. I will never forget how I sat on the stage and took a deep breath and gave myself to the dance.

Workshop invitation to Brazil. I never thought that I would travel so far. I was excited very much and this trip will stay in my heart forever. It’s very cool that the pole dance unite the dancers from all over the world and that there is an opportunity to meet everyone.

Any phrase identify you?

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.”

 According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

Any dancers and athletes have an advantage over people who did not do anything like that. Because they know their body better and are able to control it. But this does not mean that pole dance is not available to everyone. You just need to start and work hard. Pole dance is a very grateful sport. I see it watching my students.

With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

I attend dance classes of different styles.

Awards, mention them:

3 ° place – “Zodiac Championship” Category Stars (Moscow) 2018

Grand Prix Winner – “Pole Emotion” Category Pro Exotic Show 2017

1 ° place – Semi Pro Classique& Overall Winner “Pole Theater UK” 2017

1 ° place – “Exotic Generation” Category Flow (Moscow) 2017

1 ° place – “Exotic Generation” Category Flow (Italy) 2017

1 ° place – “Pole Emotion” Category Semi Pro Exotic 2016




FULL NAME: Alyona Amber

Where were you born?: In small and cozy city of Latvia called Rēzekne.

 Where do you live?: I live in Latvia, Riga city.

Zodiac sign?: Libra, but my astrologer says that this is not true

Music you prefer ?: I love all styles of music. At home I listen to classical music and Indian mantras.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.” (Alyona Amber)

Thank you very much Amber, for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine

Contándonos parte de su historia… VIR QUINTEROS.

Desde Alta Gracia, Córdoba, Argentina, Vir Quinteros relata parte de su historia en ésta entrevista… Nos cuenta que hace 6 años que dedica gran parte de sus días al Pole y que trabaja arduamente para que ésta disciplina siga creciendo en su ciudad…

Vir, nos contarías cómo se inició tu relación con el Pole?

Inicié mi preparación en un studio de Córdoba Capital, Up Studio. Allí cursé el instructorado para poder dar clases y 3 años después, me decidí a dar clases en mi propia casa. Allí nació mi estudio de Pole, Marchenkopole, en donde hoy cuento con 70 alumnas fijas de todos los niveles.

Cómo surgió la idea de organizar tu primer Campeonato?

Todos los años asistía a torneos diferentes y buscaba conocer más acerca de la organización de los mismos… ésto me impulsó a animarme a organizar mi primer torneo, y así es como nace Xpressive Championship, que este año,  se presenta en su tercera edición. El año pasado participaron 90 atletas de nivel internacional. El nombre del torneo fue elegido  con mucho amor pensando en que los atletas puedan expresarse libremente y además, usar elementos que les permitan mostrar sus coreografías como deseen.  Aquí, en la localidad de Alta Gracia, todo es nuevo, entonces siempre pienso en darle oportunidades a todas las escuelas pequeñas o estudios de pole y acrotelas que hay, para que puedan mostrar sus trabajos , ya que muchos talentos y a veces no se animan a participar de  torneos grandes. Con Xpressive hacemos énfasis en la libertad de expresión y  de ésta manera, que nuestras competencias sean un trampolín para pasar después a  escenarios más grandes!

Usé todos mis sentimientos como atleta y entrenadora para hacer un reglamento y en el que todos estén cómodos.

Qué expectativas tienes en relación a la disciplina del Pole? 

Sigo apostando a dar oportunidades para que todos vean el talento de mi cuidad, Alta Gracia, Córdoba,para que la disciplina siga creciendo aún más…

Yo tengo mucha gente que siempre ayudó al desarrollo de los torneos, grandes atletas  como Vicky Rame y mi Amigo y Padrino de Marchenkopole, Fer Alonzo, que siempre están apoyando al 100 x100% todo!

Alguna frase que te identifique?

En estos 6 años de mi relación con el pole, y con 35 años, conocí mucha gente hermosa, y distintas competencias, en donde aprendí muchísimo!

Mi gran frase es: -“Aquí brillan Ustedes, mis niños… Y si Ustedes brillan, yo también!”-



Nombre y Apellido: Vir Quinteros.

Fecha de Nacimiento: 10/08/1983

Signo del Zodíaco: Leo

Lugar donde vive: Alta Gracia, Córdoba, Argentina.

Escuela de Pole: Marchenkopole

Gracias Vir por colaborar en la difusión de la disciplina del Pole.

Vanesa S. Zylinski – POLEGOOD Magazine