POLE & AERIAL STARFISH.CAMP… an unmissable event!

We are pleased to present Nesen Iryna, The President of  “Ukrainian Federation of Dance and Pole Sport” and owner of the largest branch network of Pole Studios in Ukraine. She is one of the organizers of the Pole Camp in Turkey together with Savkar Club (Turkey) an Join Up . Iryna tells us about POLE & AERIAL STARFISH.CAMP, a particular event that brings together the most important representatives of Europe, China, USA, Russia and Ukraine… An event that crosses borders, Cannot be missed!


6-16 October

16-26 October

Place of the event?:

Antalya, Turkey. Marco Polo Club


What is this event about?

International Pole & Aerial Camp in Turkey. The best presenters from all over the world: Europe, China, USA,       Russia and Ukraine arrivals for pole sport, pole exotic, aerial silks and ring.  10 days of unforgettable holiday  in a 5 * hotel all inclusive, daily master classes workouts and a lot of fun!

What expectations do you have with this event?

The largest and the greatest pole camp ever! With the top presenters from all over the world. Excellent conditions for accommodation in the 5* hotel and training with the best athletes.

Are there juries? Is there any competition in those days?

No juries, no competition. Just trainings, fun and sea leasure.

 How many athletes do you expect to participate?

80 – 120 persons.

Anything else you want to highlight?

Coaches Pole Sport: Koko Ke Hong (China), Dimitry Fedotov (Ukraine), Phoenix Kazry (USA), Marlo Fisken (USA), Slan (Russia).

Coaches POLE EXOTIC: Eva Bembo (Russia), Mario Turco (Italy), Svetlana Yurchak (Ukraine), Slan Silver Bullet (Russia).

Coaches Aerial: Ekaterina Viatkina (Russia), Delia Ceruti (Italy), Miranda Walker (Australia), Konstantin Kosovec (Lietuva).

Cost of tours includes: – flight from Kiev or Moscow (flight from other cities is calculated individually) – 5 * hotel accommodation, all inclusive – transfer – daily master classes from our presenters – morning stretching on the beach – photo session on the pole at sunset – yacht sailing – Spa and hammam – theoretical lectures from our presenters – gala dinner, gifts and certificates You are free to enjoy yourself! WE arrange EVERYTHING for you!


You can find all the information of our great event in : https://starfish.camp

Cannot be missed!

Thank you very much Irina and Organizing Committee of International Pole & Aerial Camp in Turkey,  for allowing us to spread your event.

Vanesa S. Zylinski – POLEGOOD Magazine