ANNA HALDER and her creation; SCHOKO POLE.

She does fitness, dance, bodybuilding and is children´s instructor. Leader by nature, She tells us how she managed to achieve everything she has. Creator of her own studio, SCHOKO POLE, tells us from Switzerland how her relationship with the discipline began. Our interviewee today, ANNA HALDER. “I want, I can, I love.”

Anna, could you tell us how your relationship with the Pole began?

I am fitness, dance, bodybuilding, children’s instructor with many years of experience. I got married and moved to Switzerland. After the birth of my son, after 2 years I went to the first fitness club that I came across to look for a job as a coach. But since mine. And when I came to the studio, I found out that this is a fitness completely different direction. The manager suggested that I stay in the class to try what it is. And since then we with half-year are inseparable.


How did the decision to start a school come about?

Over time, I began to work as a coach , visited various studios for further training and took personal trainings from different coaches. But I always knew that I had to open my own studio, where I could bring my own rules, create my own direction and the mood of the studio.

In principle, I’m a very creative person, and therefore emotional. And to such people as me it is quite difficult to be subordinate. And the school is my inspiration and embodiment of me. In another way, I do not represent.


What is the name of the Pole School?

School Name: Schoko Pole Dance

Immediately explain:

In the past, I’m a dancer. My stage name is Shoky

Because it seemed to everyone that I was always just chocolate.

But I pay more attention to the title, which will accompany the fate of the studio and its development

Chocolate is a delight, an eternal classic, it’s elegant, the rich will always be number.



What are the characteristics of the School?

All that was listed about the meaning of the name is present in my studio, as I intended.

In addition, I made a special emphasis on mothers with children in our studio has a children’s playground in which children play with pleasure, paint. And at the same time, the mother can afford a lesson or two. The child feels the presence of the mother. And everyone is happy.

Also, in my studio, much attention is paid to students who would like to participate in competitions.

I myself am the organizer of the competition in Zurich for a half-year: Exotic Action Competition.

My students have top-level results in various competitions not only in Switzerland, but also in Europe. Competition and preparation is my passion. So I pay so much attention to this.


What type of students attend?

In the studio come a differently different coninging people: from 4 years to infinity. Because in the studio there are children’s training aimed at developing the mobility of the child, where we stretch, we perform gymnastic elements, we study sports equipment and also use a pylon. Also in our studio, we offer training for people of age, which is very important.

And of course the main group is women 20-40 years old.


Any phrase that identifies you?

My life is a film, the script of which is only me. And I decide how it will be.

My film is an incredible and amazing fantasy: somewhere very sad, somewhere funny. But this is a film about what any dreams come true.


What expectations do you have regarding the discipline of the Pole?

My expectations are none. I just love polandance. I do it, I develop it, I live in it. But, I know for sure that this is a sport that is not a momentary fashion explosion. There will always be a puddle, because with the accuracy I can say, on my huge sporting past, this is the most amazing sport. The figure changes very quickly for the better, mobility, health, self-esteem, like-minded people. All this gives a half-degree to a greater extent than another sport.


Any message you want to leave us?

There are three rules: I want, I can, I love

What you want to achieve and manage to do it. And if you do this, then invest in this love.


Thank you Anna, for letting us know your Pole story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski – POLEGOOD Magazine