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Polegood is pleased to interview two trainers of young promises of the Pole, who from the distant Kirgyz Republic, tell us their experiences and expectations in relation to the discipline. With us, the Coaches of Pole Kids National Team of Kirgyz Republic , the sisters Yana (ballroom dance instructor and BM in music education) and Kristina Sivirina (MSC in sports science, master of sports in Rhytmic Gymnastics).

Yana, could you tell us how your relationship with the Pole began?

Well, it all started with an awful back pain both for me and my sister Kristina. She is a former rhythmic gymnast and I am a ballroom dancer. We both had spine problems and used to go to manual therapist to get it fixed. One day our doctor said, that he is tired of seeing us every month and we should get more muscles in our back to prevent the spine from “falling apart”. So, the doctor suggested to try pole dance (!) as the fastest work out way. And one needs to trust doctors, right? That’s how it all started.

How did the decision to start a team come about?

My sister and I used to take part in pole competitions, but we’ve never seen kids performing on the pole before. Our friend Olga Chjao-Tun-Kun, owns one of the biggest pole and fitness studios in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), she is also the president of Pole Acrobatics and Pole Dance Federation of Kyrgyz Republic. Kristina used to work in that studio, as choreographer for little girls, teaching body ballet and gymnastics for beginners. One day Olga suggested to try to bring kids to the pole, and as Kristina already was coaching rhythmic gymnastic girls, it was a new challenge. And it was accepted. We started with a small group of 5 kids and now we have three groups of beginners/advanced girls and The National Pole Kids Team.

Can you tell us about the institutional project that you develop with the Children?

It’s all Kristina’s idea and the programm. I don’t know how other pole people work with kids, but our program is built on the rhythmic gymnastics base and our own methods of work. My sister is a real nerd. She has the MSc in Sports Coach Science and she took pole sports for kids as a part of her research for final paper. Kristina actually still writes little notes for most of our training sessions. We have a very efficient tandem: Kristina works with bodies (stretching, physical activities etc.) and I do the “brain work” and dance part for the routines. As an educator, I try to bring new techniques of teaching from school to the pole ))) We differentiate practices: for example, we have flexy back day: warm ups and exercises and all pole tricks are for the bendy back. The other day we do “all the legs” day: splits, exercises, etc. We have classic choreo days as well (kids do not like it so much, though) .

As Pole sport is officially recognized in our country, we actually have a team and we attend competitions: National and Central Asian Сhampionships, Russian Open Championships etc.

 What benefits have you found that has the discipline of Pole for children?

This is amazing, how pole sport can combine strength and flexibility at the same time. Choreo and elements are beautifully tangled. It is so enthralling to watch our kids grow and evolve so fast, not just physically but as sportsmen too. I believe, that athletic childhood is so much fun: it builds stronger character, raises kids in dignity of sportsmanship, and team-family always supports you no matter what. Our kids develop self-confidence and positive attitude through sports.

What type of students attend?

We accept girls starting from 7 years old and up to 15. And there is a reason for it. As our experience proved, this is the right age to start, firstly because of physics of little bodies (their hands are so tiny and we are obsessed with safety). Also, we measure their weight and height to monitor progress of their growth. Any girl can try pole sports, it doesn’t matter, if a kid tried any sports before. But we do check the health condition. Seriously. Kids on the national team do health-check twice a year. Eyesight, EKG, pediatrician etc.

Any phrase that identifies you?

There is no “I can not do it”.

 How do you see the development of the Pole discipline in Kyrgyzstan?

Our federation is officially recognized in Kyrgyzstan and we are so proud of it. Now we are working hard to bring our sportsmen to the top.

Any message you want to leave us?

We are so excited to be a part of fast growing pole sports community. All together we can bring this sport to the Olympics. Pole People, let’s unite!

Our instagram page is @pole.kids

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/polekidsteambishkek/




Thank you very much Yana, Kristina and POLE KIDS KG National Team for letting us know part of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine






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