Kel Sek “Dark Matter” a winning idea

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 A few words to define this amazing idea, everything comes from a great passion, from the soul … an original name like Dark Matter, a project that makes you talk about, then we hear the words of Kel Sek

What’s your story?

I’m Kel, a Detroit, Michigan based poler. I’ve been pole dancing for four years this month. I’ve always wanted to dance, but never really had a means to, until I was introduced to this industry.

 How did you get the idea for Dark Matter?

Oddly enough, I was working with Lux ATL during her “Big Sister Badassery” Program. I think it only happened one time, with myself and two other people. The program included private coaching from Lux herself. I went in with the premise that I wanted to make traveling and teaching pole dancing a full time job, where I can earn all of my income, and spend my workday creating concepts. I had NO idea what I would do, or how I would do it, so Lux and I spent a lot of time going over what I was passionate about, what my ideas were, and how to cultivate them so other people would appreciate them also.

Dark Matter came about because I am really good at the emotional side of performance and projection. A lot of people have expressed that they have difficulty in this area, and so I decided to roll with that need. The workshop stems from my ability, as well as my fascination and quite literal obsession with mental health. I was diagnosed with PTSD and an Anxiety Disorder when I turned 19 from growing up… and the difficult things I’ve faced are almost exclusively what I lean into and create from.

I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to lean into what’s made them, and make very unique performances that everyone could feel.  Dark Matter comes from the want for these things.

 What can students take away from Dark Matter?

Dark Matter is a concentrated and ideal space to lean in. Like, way in. Most days people don’t even take a single moment to process their lives, or to consider how they really feel. Now multiply this momentary exercise by an hour and a half and combine it with something you’re already passionate about.

I think the pole world is ready for the space to feel. Artists do not create out of joy rather, I think art is created out of discontent – a large principle that Dark Matter interrogates—that the things that have caused them pain, caused an artist to grow, to change, to move are what really compel them to stay in this industry and learn and create.  Dark Matter will give students a great space to work through a matter of discontent and put it into their dancing in their own unique way. Students will have a solid leg to stand on when creating their next piece, or feeling through a space that can offer a lot of personal growth.

 How did you find Pole Good Magazine?

Pole Good was suggested to me on Facebook. I saw that they were a new Pole Dancing Magazine – and I really think we need more of those. It’s missing from the industry. I think it’s great to have a better means to communicate information outside of Social Media and website landing pages. I was eager to make myself available for content, if they wanted. Lucky for me, they did!

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