JASMINE SCHEFFEL. A talent that looms.

“Pole builds confidence and changes your perception on the rest of your life”…These are the words of Jasmine, a talented geminian from the United States who spends much of her time teaching, training and concentrating for her next competitions … JASMINE SCHEFFEL, talent and enthusiasm. POLEGOOD invites you to meet her.

Jasmine, what motivated you to approach the Pole Dance?

I was friends with an instructor when I was stationed in Charleston, SC. I took her class and was very sore the next day. I kept going just for fun once or twice a week and after a few months I started to notice my body getting toned which never happened before even though I was a college athlete and always dieting. I was more confident, so I continued for 1.5 years and she left the studio. I quit shortly after her and bought my own pole. I moved to WV to go to school and started using youtube to self train. Once I saw competition videos on youtube, I was hooked.

How is your life outside of sport?

Its almost nonexistent right now. I have another competition in a month and I own a studio, so I teach when I am not training. I am a single mom and spend the rest of my time taking care of my son.

Within your career as an athlete of the Pole, what moments would you highlight?

I love achieving goals. The day I got the rainbow marchenko, the time I nailed the fonji 360, and of course all the competitions. I’ve never done as well as planned but its amazing meeting the other competitors and being a part of such an awesome community. My favorite moments though, are alone in the studio after practicing and struggling and screaming then finally mastering whatever I was trying.

What do you inspire to prepare your choreography?

I turn the song on loud and play it over and over again. I close my eyes and envision choreography in my head. I also watch different styles of dance on youtube to help inspire. The inspiration comes from what the piece is about and the story I want to tell through dance.

According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

Physically, you feel like Spider – Man. Mentally, it benefits every part of your life. Pole builds confidence and changes your perception on the rest of your life. Suddenly nothing is impossible, and you accept and love yourself. The pole community is the best part. Everyone is so open, accepting, and unique. No one is afraid to be themselves and I love being a part of it.

How do you see the development of the discipline of Pole, in United States?

Within the next decade, it will become popular and be an Olympic sport. Well see more children and males involved and I cant wait.

With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

I do gymnastics when I can and yoga. I run and stretch all the time. I practice all sorts of dance styles and I recently took up kung fu for the mental benefits. I really want to start calisthenics.

What would you say to all those people who do not yet know the discipline of the Pole?

Have an open mind, give it a try, and please don’t associate any negativity with pole.

A message that you want to leave us?

Die fast, Pole hard.  haha Dimitry Politov said that before and he is my favorite.



Full Name: Jasmine Scheffel

Where were you born?: Oakland, MD

Birthdate: August 20, 1987

Where do you live?: Morgantown, WV

Zodiac sign?: Leo

Awards, mention them:

APL 2018 National Champion


Thank you Jasmine, for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- Polegood Magazine.


The Amazing DIMITRY POLITOV. From Russia to the world.

Space and gravity challenge him, and like good Scorpio he accepts the proposal. The triumph consecrates him with a figure, with an incredible trick, because he was born to amaze. With us, from Russia to the world, the Magnificent DIMITRY POLITOV.

Dimitry, what motivated you to approach the Pole Sport?

The video of Remi Martin.

 How would you define yourself in relation to the art you practice?

I am the extreme part of our culture.

How is your life outside of sport?

It’s not empty, there is my family, my friends and my hobbies.

What were the best moments of your artistic career?

The best moment is when people tell me their impressions after the performing act, especially if the impression was good.

What do you inspire to prepare your choreography?

For my acts, i take inspiration from people around me, from mine and their lifes.

 According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Sport brings to the athletes who practice it?

First of all the emotions, the best benefit ever, but for someone it can be bodyshape, or new skill like strength, flexibility, acrobatics and etc., selfexpression, a lot of new friends and adventures for sure.

 How do you perceive the development of the Pole discipline in Russia?

I think it’s getting better year after year, thanks to incredible athletes and artists who inspire each other.

With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

Besides pole i am learning krump discipline which helps me to bring some new vibe to the industry, when two different cultures meet it s always an incredible thing which brings unexpectable result.

 What are your next events in your schedule?

There r lots of workshops and competitions for this and following year in Europe and Asia that it will take pretty much time to count. Talking about competitions where i don´t judge, but compete i may take a lil break after my success at IPC 2018 untill i know what i want to tell to the audience.

Any phrase identify you?

Staying hungry till death.”

A message that you want to leave us?

Train safe and enjoy the process more than result 😉


Hi, my name is Dimitry Politov. I was born in USSR in Michurinsk city on November 5th in 1989, i live everywhere, i am now.

My zodiac sign is a scorpion.
I listen from classic to krump beats, but mostly hip-hop and original funk, coz it stays with me since my childhood.

My background is break dance and parkour, i started pole dancing in 2012.

Here r the international competitions that i had honor to win:

World Pole Dance Championship 2015 in Beijing – 1st Place
Pole Art Italy 2015 in Milan – 1st Place
Battle of the Pole 2015 in Prague – 1st Place
World Pole Sport Championship 2016 in London – 1st Place in doubles
World Ultra Pole Championship 2016 in London – 1st Place
Pole Art Swiss 2016 in Geneva – 1st Place
World Pole Sport and Art Championship 2016 in Florence – 1st Place in doubles
Pole Art Cyprus 2016 in Limassol – 1st Place in doubles and solo
World Pole Sport Championship 2017 in Amsterdame – 1st Place in doubles
World Artistic Pole Championship 2017 in Amstwrdame – 1st Place in doubles
International Pole Championship 2018 in Brisbane – 1st Place in doubles and solo




Thank you very much Dimitry, for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine


Passion to shape the future, POLE KIDS CROATIA.

Klara Pergolis, from Pula, Croatia, tells us her experience of working with children in the discipline of Pole Dance.
We present an authentic trainer of future stars …

Klara, could you tell us how your relationship with the Pole began?

I’ve been in modern dance since 2006. and became a dance teacher in 2011., which gave me an opportunity to work with kids and young dancers and fall in love with it. As I loved to explore other styles of dance, pole dance also caught my attention. It was back in 2014 when I first tried a fireman spin at my best friend’s mom’s Pole studio ‘S POLE DANCE’ in my hometown Pula. It was very challenging to try something like this and as soon as I tried it, I knew immediately I wanted to learn more.

 How did the decision to start a school come about?

One day after my pole class my pole teacher Žaklina Kostešić and I discussed how would it be great if we also offered pole for kids, but we also knew we might face challenges since we live in a small country, in an even smaller town Pula. At that point we didn’t know how people would react if we started a POLE KIDS group in her studio. But as you know, polers are brave so I told her LET’S DO IT and she agreed. So here I am, training these awesome kids this amazing sport for almost 2 years now.

 Can you tell us about the institutional project that you develop with the Children?

Well it’s more like a big family than an institution or a project. It did start as a project to teach kids a new way of exercise, to learn new elements and new things, to widen their perspective, and now each individual has already an idea what this sport is about and what can be achieved. We are trying to make them put their ideas out there, because they taught us some things too. Kids have great imagination and passion, and with a proper push from this family, they will achieve greatness. I’m getting as much inspiration from teaching my students as they are getting motivation from me, not to mention the pride I feel every time I watch them do new tricks, grow and develop into the pole stars of the future, but most important, I teach them respect for themselves no matter their looks, weight or condition, as well as respect for everyone else around them.

What benefits have you found that has the discipline of Pole for children?

Pole sport is not much different from any other sport like gymnastics. Many children are actually quite confused as to why pole dance is not recognized as much as gymnastics. To them, the pole is simply a fun equipment to use as a prop and perform tricks on. Pole dancing uses all of the muscles in your body and you are always moving – making it both a great isometric and cardiovascular exercise. We are always doing a good warm up which includes games as a cardio exercises, strength exercises on pole or bodyweight floor exercises. Combined with good balance and flexibility, increased kinesthetic awareness allows them to avoid nasty common accidents like slipping, falling, and knocking things over and having them fall on your feet. Children learn quickly and they are fearless, flexible and strong. As a dance teacher, I always pay attention on the choreography, musicality and coordination of my students. Pole sport is an incredible way for them to keep fit, learn an incredible skill and teach them to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is what we all want for our children.

What type of students attend?

I have kids starting with 4 years old up to 14 years old, and everyone is different and needs a different approach. It’s interesting how one sport, hard and challenging as pole dancing can be interesting and fun to all generations. I have many children with no previous experience with exercise, and after a few months they become real beasts on the pole ☺

Any phrase that identifies you?

I’m always saying there is no space in this room for “ I CAN’T DO THIS”. I always say I will throw ”IT” out of the window and then everybody laughs because I love to be dramatic sometimes while explaining it.

 What expectations do you have regarding the discipline of the Pole?

I can’t wait for pole dancing to become an Olympic sport so everyone can see the beauty in it. But the thing I want the most is to become a regular way of exercise for kids . People have so many prejudices about pole dancing for children. They are not well informed and it’s hard to change people’s’ minds without proper education. However, people do change their opinion when they see my first pole class with children. The popularity of Pole Sports is dramatically escalating in the world and I hope it will start to be like that in Croatia too. Like any sport, the future truly lies with the younger generation.

Any message you want to leave us?

I want to thank you for your call because you are helping us spread the word that this is a legitimate sport, and not an easy one, you have to give up many things if you want to achieve something, but that goes for everything that you wanna succeed at. Don’t stop dreaming and don’t hesitate to try pole dancing, and the best part is is that it doesn’t have an age limit!

Thank you Klara and POLE KIDS  for letting us know part of your Pole story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski – POLEGOOD Magazine


AURELIE MARLEENE. Beauty and style.

She displays sensual movements while the audience applauds admiring her figures.

Beauty and style; the combination that characterizes her. From Australia, POLEGOOD presents Aurelie Marleene.

Aurelie, would you tell us how you got to Pole Dance?

I started pole dancing in July 2014 because I was tired of going to the gym. I had always been looking for something fun and challenging that would keep me fit. One day I saw a pole dancer at a strip club. She performed a drop from the top of the pole and stopped right at the base of the pole. It was so unexpected, I was amazed. A couple of weeks after that, I went to my very first beginner pole class without knowing anything about it. I could not do the splits and was scared to lift myself upside down, but I was so hooked right from the start that I never stopped training since that day!

 How is your life outside of sport?

I am a graphic designer with a passion for Typography. It makes my life quite busy but balanced: designing by day and dancing by night.

Within your career as an athlete of the Pole, what moments would you highlight?

My biggest highlight was definitely being invited to compete at Miss Pole Dance Australia after winning the Queensland state heats in 2016. I had only been pole dancing for two years and I was up against my biggest pole idols. I was terrified, but it felt like a dream. That is when my love for performing on stage was born!

Any phrase identifies you?

Never stop learning.

According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

There are so many benefits, but for me I would say it was finding something that would motivate me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am so in love with what I do that I do not need to force myself to eat healthy or get a lot of sleep. It comes naturally. I used to struggle a lot with my nutrition.

 With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

I am already quite strong, so I do not do any strength activity outside of pole. But it takes a lot of effort to maintain my flexibility. This is why a practice contortion and stretching for about an hour during each pole session.

What would you say to all those people who do not yet know the discipline of the Pole?

To anyone one that does not know what pole dancing is, I would say that is not what it used to be. It is a sport that is evolving so quickly and is so versatile that you cannot give it just one definition. I strongly recommend giving it a try if you are thinking of starting. Chances are you will become addicted and you will find your own style that suits you.

A message that you want to leave us?

Do what you love and do it with passion.

Awards, mention them:

Miss Pole Dance Australia 2016/17 and 2017/18 – Finalist

Miss Pole Dance Queensland 2017/18 – 1st Runner Up

Miss Pole Dance Queensland 2016/17 – Winner


* Full Name: Aurelie Marleene

* Birthdate? 08/07/89

* Where were you born? I was born in New Caledonia, a small island in the Pacific.

* Where do you live? I live on the Gold Coast, in Australia.

* Zodiac sign? Cancer

* Music you prefer? I can listen to any style of music if I think it is good!



Thank you very much Aurelie, for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine




CÓRDOBA POLE CHAMPIONSHIP. Palpitando el encuentro.

Andrea Musso Acuña, dueña de Up Studio y Organizadora del Campeonato más importante de la Provincia de Córdoba, perteneciente a la Red Pole Championship Network, nos cuenta más detalles acerca de éste evento que reúne a grandes atletas regionales que buscarán lucir sus trabajadas performances en un escenario preparado para el show, el próximo 4 de Agosto.

Vos, ya tienes tu entrada?


Fecha y hora del evento? 4 de agosto de 2018, 16 hs.

Lugar del evento? Teatro Hotel de la Cañada, Marcelo T de Alvear 580. Córdoba, Argentina.

De qué se trata esta competencia?  Es un Campeonato Provincial de Pole Sport.

Por quienes está formado el jurado?

Mara Latasa Saloj, Directora de la Red Pole Championship Network.

Mónica Avellaneda, Organizadora del Santa Fe Pole Championship.

Daniela Bazán Flitt, Organizadora del San Juan Pole Championship.

Romina De Bernandi, Jurado de la Red Pole Championship Network.



Cuántas categorías competirán?

Competirán 8 Categorías:  Amateur Femenina, Infantil A, Infantil B, Juvenil, Profesional Masculino y Profesional Femenina, Master +40 y  Elite femenina.

Cuántos atletas espera que participen? 35 atletas.

Dónde podrán adquirirse las entradas?

Venta de entradas anticipadas en Up Studio, 9 de julio 241 gal. Vía de la Fontana loc 34 Planta Alta, Centro; y el día del evento en la boletería del Hotel de la Cañada.

Algo más que desee destacar?

Es el campeonato más importante de la Provincia de Córdoba, perteneciente a la Red Pole Championship Network, donde se realizan 7 competencias provinciales y 10 competencias nacionales, cada ganador tiene el pase directo como semifinalista al Argentina Pole Championship el 7, 8 y 9 de Diciembre en Buenos Aires.



Gracias Andrea Musso Acuña y Up Studio, por permitirnos difundir vuestro evento. 

Vanesa S. Zylinski – POLEGOOD Magazine


ANNA HALDER and her creation; SCHOKO POLE.

She does fitness, dance, bodybuilding and is children´s instructor. Leader by nature, She tells us how she managed to achieve everything she has. Creator of her own studio, SCHOKO POLE, tells us from Switzerland how her relationship with the discipline began. Our interviewee today, ANNA HALDER. “I want, I can, I love.”

Anna, could you tell us how your relationship with the Pole began?

I am fitness, dance, bodybuilding, children’s instructor with many years of experience. I got married and moved to Switzerland. After the birth of my son, after 2 years I went to the first fitness club that I came across to look for a job as a coach. But since mine. And when I came to the studio, I found out that this is a fitness completely different direction. The manager suggested that I stay in the class to try what it is. And since then we with half-year are inseparable.


How did the decision to start a school come about?

Over time, I began to work as a coach , visited various studios for further training and took personal trainings from different coaches. But I always knew that I had to open my own studio, where I could bring my own rules, create my own direction and the mood of the studio.

In principle, I’m a very creative person, and therefore emotional. And to such people as me it is quite difficult to be subordinate. And the school is my inspiration and embodiment of me. In another way, I do not represent.


What is the name of the Pole School?

School Name: Schoko Pole Dance

Immediately explain:

In the past, I’m a dancer. My stage name is Shoky

Because it seemed to everyone that I was always just chocolate.

But I pay more attention to the title, which will accompany the fate of the studio and its development

Chocolate is a delight, an eternal classic, it’s elegant, the rich will always be number.



What are the characteristics of the School?

All that was listed about the meaning of the name is present in my studio, as I intended.

In addition, I made a special emphasis on mothers with children in our studio has a children’s playground in which children play with pleasure, paint. And at the same time, the mother can afford a lesson or two. The child feels the presence of the mother. And everyone is happy.

Also, in my studio, much attention is paid to students who would like to participate in competitions.

I myself am the organizer of the competition in Zurich for a half-year: Exotic Action Competition.

My students have top-level results in various competitions not only in Switzerland, but also in Europe. Competition and preparation is my passion. So I pay so much attention to this.


What type of students attend?

In the studio come a differently different coninging people: from 4 years to infinity. Because in the studio there are children’s training aimed at developing the mobility of the child, where we stretch, we perform gymnastic elements, we study sports equipment and also use a pylon. Also in our studio, we offer training for people of age, which is very important.

And of course the main group is women 20-40 years old.


Any phrase that identifies you?

My life is a film, the script of which is only me. And I decide how it will be.

My film is an incredible and amazing fantasy: somewhere very sad, somewhere funny. But this is a film about what any dreams come true.


What expectations do you have regarding the discipline of the Pole?

My expectations are none. I just love polandance. I do it, I develop it, I live in it. But, I know for sure that this is a sport that is not a momentary fashion explosion. There will always be a puddle, because with the accuracy I can say, on my huge sporting past, this is the most amazing sport. The figure changes very quickly for the better, mobility, health, self-esteem, like-minded people. All this gives a half-degree to a greater extent than another sport.


Any message you want to leave us?

There are three rules: I want, I can, I love

What you want to achieve and manage to do it. And if you do this, then invest in this love.


Thank you Anna, for letting us know your Pole story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski – POLEGOOD Magazine

Miss Pole Glamour Chile Internacional. Arte Exótico.

Carolina Briones Soto, Organizadora de Miss Pole Glamour Internacional, nos cuenta acerca de éste evento que desarrollará su 3era Edición el Domingo 19 de Agosto de éste año, en Santiago de Chile. Destaca que  es el primer y único campeonato latinoamericano  que se especializa en el Arte Exótico como tal.

Vos, ya lo agendaste ?


MPG Internacional es organizado por el Studio Martika Teese Club de Pole Dance y Bailes Exóticos.


 Domingo 19 de Agosto


 Teatro Caja de Compensación Caja de Los Andes, Santiago de Chile


 Miss Pole Glamour Chile Internacional, es un torneo inclusivo que busca generar espacios para los bailes exóticos de la mano del Pole Dance Glamour. Buscamos ser un apoyo real para nuestros artistas, generando alianzas para acceder a pases libres a Festivales y Torneos en distintos países tales como: Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru y Argentina.


Un jurado de grandes artistas…

Grazzy Brugner, ( Brasil) Pole Dancer, Organizadora del Miss Pole Dance Glamour Internacional.

Erika Bernales, (México) Organizadora del Exotic Pole Camp Cancún.

Laura Fantino, (Argentina) Ganadora Pole Art Brazil 2018, Organizadora Pole Up.

Natalia Dufuur, (Chile) Artista y Maestra de Burlesque.

Carolina Rival (Chile) Diseñadora de Vestuario.

Marko Dazza (Chile) Reconocido Pole Dancer radicado en Italia.

Cris Saez (Chile) Pole Dancer reconocido internacionalmente.

Claudia Ahumada (Chile) Reconocida y respetada maestra de Pole Dance.


-Pole Glamour Categoría Femenina: Novata – Amateur – Profesional – Elite

-Pole Glamour Categoria Masculina: Profesional – Elite

-Pole Exótico Categoria Mixta: Amateur y Profesional

-Pole Teatro Categoría Mixta: Amateur – Amateur +40

Profesional – Profesional +40

-Burlesque Categoría Mixta: Amateur y Profesional



Tendremos mas de 40 artistas en escena.


– Allegra Pole Dance, en O Conell 70, Las Condes

-Studio Martika Teese, Club de Pole Dance y Bailes Exoticos, Jorge Caceres 11, La Cisterna

Mail de Contacto:  glamourchile.internacional@gmail.com




Nuestro Miss Pole Glamour Chile Internacional, nació en Octubre del año 2016, este año es nuestra 3era edición. Somos el primer y único campeonato latinoamericano (hasta la fecha) que se especializa en el Arte Exótico como tal.

*El puntaje mayor de las categorías Glamour, tendrán pase libre y gratuito al Miss Pole Dance Glamour Internacional que se realiza en Brasil de éste año, en Noviembre, además de los pasajes y alojamiento.

*El puntaje mayor de las categorías Exótico, tendrán pase libre y gratuito al Pole Up 2019 que se realiza en Argentina, además de los pasajes y alojamiento.

*El puntaje mayor de las categorías Pole Teatro, tendrán pase libre y gratuito al Pole Up 2019 que se realiza en Argentina, además de los pasajes y alojamiento.

*El puntaje mayor de las categorías Burlesque, tendrán pase libre a un show de exhibición en Sexpoerótica Córdoba en Septiembre de este año, además de los pasajes y alojamiento.


Gracias Carolina por permitirnos difundir vuestro evento.

Vanesa S. Zylinski – POLEGOOD Magazine.

SANDRA BOOKER. Life lessons.

 Life presents us with challengers, and confronting them is part of the human essence.

Sandra Booker inspires us with her life story …

Would you tell us who Sandra Booker is?

My name is Sandra Booker. I am a professional musician, composer, arranger, and of course, pole dancer. I am currently in treatment for bladder cancer, but through music and pole dancing, I have changed the trajectory of my life, improved the quality of it, and perhaps saved it. I am committed to living in the now with joy, gratitude and grace and showing others how to use pole dancing as a way to create joy and gratitude and self-empowerment in their own lives. It has made this journey possible when it seems unbearable.

What was the reason you decided to go to Pole Dance?

I was recovering from a devastating car accident in 2007, which left me 50 lbs. overweight, a partially severed right shoulder, fractured left hip, facial lacerations, and overall, deeply depressed. I was emotionally, spiritually, physically, and socially crushed. I couldn’t work and my life was at a stand still. The operation in 2008 to repair my injured shoulder resulted in a disfiguring scar on my upper right chest above my breast and my financial life in shambles from suing the state of California under the MICRA laws. The attorney even kept the product liability settlement money.  

In 2009, I would suffer the loss of my musical partner and friend killed in a car accident while on his way to perform our first in concert in New Orleans, LA. I was devastated! I began contemplating the value of my own life and if it was worth living any more. After being in a state of shock for two years, I happened to catch a commercial about a dance studio that offered pole dancing and aerial silk classes. I was captivated by the beauty of it, was close to my home, so I made an appointment to go. The studio was the now defunct Goddess Fitness Dance run by Emma Ridley in Sherman Oaks, CA. After trying pole dancing in 2011 for a few months on-and-off, I left convinced this was a young woman’s sport, but I returned in 2015 with a vengeance and it changed my life. I fell head–over-stilettos in love with everything about it. It was my life but it became my lifestyle. It gave me the power to see what I’m still capable of. It made me feel alive and strong on the inside and beautiful and brave on the outside. The reason I pole dance now is because it taught me how to love and be in love with myself no matter the circumstances of my life.

When I received my diagnosis in November 2016, I had advanced enough to be a dance instructor at Pink Pole Party (Burbank, CA) and this was a major blow. My motivation remained high and returned to work in less than 30 days after having a radical nephrectomy with a bladder cuff. Sadly, my cancer returned within 3 months of that procedure forcing me to take a leave from work and finally leaving studio in April of 2017. Nevertheless, I have continued to dance, and I have created a pole dance conditioning program for women suffering with various forms of cancer to remind them that they are beautiful on the inside and the outside. It’s 2018 and my battle continues with all the emotion ups and downs associated with this disease but it has also taught me how to let go of what we can’t control and to embrace the chances we have to live and grow in the moment and be better individuals.


Since when do you practice it?

I started practicing pole dancing in 2011 as a means of exercise. Now, I practice to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of pole dancing and how it has helped and still helps me discover and redefine my sense of self. Pole dancing requires a great deal of discipline, honesty, self-awareness and trust. It’s great stress relief too.


What does it mean for you to practice Pole Dance?

I practice because it trains my body and mind to communicate with one another simultaneously based on my imagination and creativity. It’s a physical form of artistic expression that doesn’t require speaking or singing. Although I have trained myself to sing jazz while pole dancing and it’s a great challenge. Collectively speaking, it’s gives me the foundation I need to create and present my art in a visual and musical way.

Why would you recommend Pole Dance?

I would recommend pole dancing because it saved my life…twice.

What inspiring message could you leave?

Life is for living and dancing is life. Let yourselves dance and if you can do it on a pole, that’s even better.




FULL NAME: Sandra Booker

Birthdate: 03/05/**

Zodiac: Pisces

Place of birth: New Orleans, LA

Place of residence: Los Angeles.

Music you prefer: Good music, genre optional.

Hobby: Learning to speak French, cooking Creole food, playing the guitar and becoming a better pole dancer and person.



Thank you Sandra for sharing your story with us …
Vanesa S. Zylinski – POLEGOOD Magazine.


Disciplinas Complementarias. Hoy el YOGA, con Leticia Avoledo.

Polegood empieza a explorar disciplinas complementarias. El Yoga, es una de ellas. Leticia Avoledo, nuestra entrevistada, nos cuenta un poco más acerca de ésta actividad que cada vez se elige con mayor frecuencia para ser el complemento de otras actividades deportivas. Como Instructora nos cuenta que es el yoga, y de que manera beneficia a las personas que lo practican. Los invitamos a leer esta nota. 


Leticia, podrías contarnos que es el yoga?

En occidente el yoga se asocia con posturas , pero es una disciplina física y mental , que se originó en la India basada en asanas. La palabra YOGA , en español significa Unión. Encontraremos muchas definiciones sobre el yoga , lo resumiré con algo que Indra Devi consideraba y yo tambien estoy de acuerdo “el yoga se ha abierto para todo el mundo ,la gente comienza a inventar cosas que llama yoga , yoga artistico , acro yoga , yoga moderno , pero el yoga moderno no existe , el yoga es clásico siempre ” Pero querido lector hoy les contaré como el yoga llegó a mí – Hace unos años corría maratón en calle , y empezó mi cuerpo a desarrollar una alergia , la cual empeoraba cada vez que corría . Tras varios estudios realizados, nunca encontraron su origen hasta que un médico me recomendó que tomara clases de yoga. Fue un cambio radical en mi vida , mi maestra de aquel entonces, Adelina Catalano , no solo me enseñó las posturas de yoga , las cuales se denominan asanas , sino además me enseñó a respirar , meditar y controlar mi mente.

Qué beneficios aporta el yoga a las personas que lo practican?

Los beneficios que aporta el yoga son innumerables , no sólo son buenos para el cuerpo , también lo son para la mente. Por ello debemos nutrirnos de oxígeno durante toda la práctica. Hasta la forma en que inhalamos y exhalamos  tiene una denominacion especial , Pranayama – significa energía vital y nos ofrece aumentar la capacidad pulmonar.

A nivel fisico , las asanas generan :

  • Fortaleza: tonifican cada parte del cuerpo.
  • Resistencia: la práctica regular incrementa la capacidad de trabajo.
  • Flexibilidad : un cuerpo joven es mantenido y restablecido a través de un correcto estiramiento.

A nivel mental , logramos concentración , estabilidad emocional ,autoreconocimiento y paz .

A nivel espiritual , sabiduría , libertad , integración y calma.

Cuando uno practica solo , el yoga te enseña a conocerte a ti mismo , yo no diría que enseño yoga , mas bien diría que practico con cada persona que entra a mi clase y me encuentro con la responsabilidad de elegir bien cada asana . Mientras mas practicas , mas conciente te vuelves de tu estado fisico ,mental y emocional. La clase  empieza con una postura cómoda , sentada en el math , sugiero Padmasana (posicion de loto) es una asana sentada con las piernas cruzadas , la típica que vemos en meditación , pero no es fácil de realizar al principio , entonces cada uno adopta una variante. desde ahí , empezamos en silencio , con una meditación breve . En ese silencio uno advierte como esta su mente y su cuerpo. Podría decirte que nuestra mente es como un mar agitado , donde los pensamientos son como olas que van y vienen y meditar es aquietar la mente , ese mar. y cuando eso sucede se conecta la mente con el espiritu , algunos dicen, con la fuente -DIOS-

En las asanas , cada persona descubre su fortaleza , su debilidad y conecta con las sensaciones . También es importante la alimentación, con la práctica buscas también cuidar tu cuerpo , por que es tu templo . En mi caso, tuve la necesidad alimentaria de abandonar el consumo de carne y todo tipo de derivado animal cuando entendí el Karma. Pero esa elección jamás debe inponerse a otro .

Sabemos que trabajas el yoga con personas con capacidades diferentes, cuál es tu experiencia?

Me baso en el significado de la palabra Yoga: unión.

Y de eso se tratan mis clases , unir a distintas personas , no solamente en edades si no también con capacidades diferentes y diversidad de género , me preguntas cuál es mi experiencia con esas personas , te diría que son mis mejores maestras , la primera clase  con ellas me sentí diferente porque uno pierde  de vista todo lo que tiene. FLORENCIA es hipoacúsica , ella me enseñó el verdadero valor del silencio , aprendí a apreciar cada sonido , incluso el ronroneo de mi gato , que mi hijo Uriel le dá las gracias cada vez que Dalai (mi gato) lo hace, por que considera que es un gran esfuerzo para el , hacer ese sonido. Tengo alumnas con secuelas fisicas  y cuando entran a clase y me dicen: acordate que yo no puedo , les señalo un cuadro que está colgado en la pared cuya frase dice: LO ÚNICO IMPOSIBLE , ES AQUELLO QUE NO INTENTAS , aplaca en su mente cualquier limitación, por cierto ese cuadro es el regalo de una amiga que hace que todo sea posible. Observo a mis alumnas y si están cansadas elijo una práctica en el piso y cuando llegan con energía, elijo asanas de pie. Suelo dar en una clase 3 clases diferentes , acorde a las necesidades que se presentan, pues la práctica debe ser agradable. Sigo las enseñanzas de Indra DEVI –

Qué expectativas tienes en relación a la disciplina del Yoga?

Que no sientan que el yoga es una competencia , cada persona tiene distintas habilidades , y el objetivo del yoga implica centrarse en uno mismo, no en lo que hacen los demás. Que siempre tengan pensamientos positivos , escucho decir yo no hago yoga por que no soy flexible , les digo gracias al yoga te harás flexible. Y mi mayor expectativa es que se fusione con otras diciplinas , como el pole dance y que las escuelas lo incorporen , erradicar el mito de que no se puede tener en una misma clase mujeres y hombres , aún en occidente esa parte de que ambos compartan una misma clase se dificulta .

Algún mensaje que quieras dejarnos?

Gracias , pero prefiero que el mensaje lo deje una de mis alumnas.

HOLA soy FLORENCIA PRISCILA RODRIGUEZ , Tengo 20 años , nací en Córdoba, Argentina y me diagnosticaron Hipoacusia , desde chica que me integro con personas oyentes y también con personas hipoacúsicas . La verdad es que no tenía experiencia con la actividad física. Nunca me lo propuse a hacer, hasta que mi tía Carina me insistió. Conocí a Leticia, mi profesora, y no solo me ayuda mucho , sino que además, sabe entenderme . Me siento muy cuidada y feliz .

 La actividad fisica me ayuda a olvidar todos mis problemas , deseo que más personas no oyentes se animen a realizar cualquier tipo de actividad , porque yo me descubrí igual al resto y de eso se trata ; sortear con aceptación cada adversidad que la vida nos presenta.




Nombre Completo: Elsa Leticia Avoledo, casada con Marco Acevedo , madre de dos hijos, Marco Antonio y Uriel de 13 y 9 años respectivamente.

Estudios Realizados:

Instructora de Aerobic.

Instructora Superior de Yoga . Clásico y Científico.

Namaste Studio de Yoga . Teléfono de Contacto: 0351 152194141

Fecha de Nacimiento: 25 de junio 1976

Lugar de Nacimiento: Canals , Provincia de Córdoba, Argentina.

Lugar de Residencia: Córdoba Capital, Argentina.

Signo Zodiacal: Cáncer

Música Preferida: Ninguna en particular

Hobby: Elaboro té artesanal. Tengo una línea de té . Namaste té orgánico.

CREDIT PHOTOS: Net Paint Corp. (Luis Sebastián Gay)


Muchas Gracias por tu buena predisposición.

Vanesa Soledad Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine.

COCO KE HONG. The Best From China.

The Pole has become a global discipline and this invites us to explore different scenarios and discover new athletes. Today POLEGOOD has the pleasure of presenting an exceptional artist who in a short time has become one of the stars of the Pole discipline. From the thousand-year-old China, with us, in an exclusive interview, COCO KE HONG.


Coco, what motivated you to approach the Pole Dance?

The first time that I approach the pole dance was in 2012. I didn’t have any foundation about dance. I worked as a waiter in a bar. I saw some pole dance show there which interested me. I also heard that pole dance is highly paid. So I found a school to learn pole dance.

How is your life outside of sport?

Shopping, listening music, swimming

What were the best moments of your artistic career?

During 2015-2016, when pole dancing was not well developed in china, I won  worldwide pole dance championship in Asia and Europe.

Any phrase identify you?

No pain no gain. It’s never too late to learn.

According to your experience, what are the benefits that the discipline of Pole Dance brings to the athletes who practice it?

Loose weight, body sculpt, enhance self confidence, physical power

How do you perceive the development of the Pole discipline in China?

I think that the pole discipline will be getting better and better in china. It will be accepted by more and more people. When people talk about pole dance, they will think of pole competition, not night club dance.

With what other disciplines do you complement this activity?

Fitness club, gymnastics, satin dance, flying rings, but I practice by myself

What does the Pole mean to you as an artistic expression?

I think that pole dance is like my underwear. I need to have it with me everyday. I cannot live without it.

A message that you want to leave us?

Firstly, thank you very much to choose me for interview. I hope that more people know me via your platform and become the next worldwide pole dance champion.



Where were you born?  Guizhou China

Birthdate 1993.06.08

Where do you live? Shanghai

Zodiac  Rooster

Music you prefer? Exotic music, piano music, soft music, rock electro music


Ke Hong Coco is a very talented and hardworking dancer. He hasn’t any dancer background. He’s been in touch with pole  dance for 5 years. He became champion during his third year of practicing pole dance. And he became the worldwide champion in 2016.amazing IPSAF pole sport world champion 2017. He created many of his own signature tricks. And his combos are quite different than others dancers with more control.

Chinese National Pole Dance Team Captain

Yuan Gan Cultural Pole Dance Team National Spokesperson

Xpert Certified Instructors

China Pole Dance Team Best Record Holder

Famous as the Most Beautiful Male Pole Dancer

2018 World Pole Dance Championships Man’s Champion 

2018 APC Singapore Champion 

2017 Russia Pole Star Guest Performance 

2017 (POSA )IPSAF Liechtenstein Pole Sport Pole Championships Champion Man’s

2017 Pole Star Russia Novosibirsk Judge 

2017 China Pole Dance Championships Judge

2017 China PCS (Pole Championship Series ) Judge 

2017 Pole Art France 3rd Place

2017 APC (Singapore Asia Pole championship 2nd Runner up) 

2016 World Pole Dance Championships Man’s Champion Romania

2016 World Pole Dance Championships (WPDC) Men’s Single champion

2016 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) Men’s Single Championship 

2016 Airstars Pole Men’s Champion, Overall Champion

2015 Singapore ~SG Pole Challenge Men’s Champion, Overall Fit Champion

2015 Hongkong Airstars Men’s Champion, Overall Champion, Best costume

2015 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) Men’s Single Champion

2015 World Pole Dance Championships (WPDC) Men’s Single Second Runner-up

2014 China Pole Dance Championships (CPDC) Men’s single Second Runner-up



Thank you very much Coco, for allowing us to spread a little bit of your story.

Vanesa S. Zylinski- POLEGOOD Magazine